Ro is a fantastic retoucher. Great intuition and feel for the work. In short, she gets it.
Hey, wait a minute. If you book her then I can’t. Never mind, Ro sucks.
— Joe Rattoballi, VP Print Production Manager, Roberts + Langer DDB
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all the hard work and always getting us out of a jam. I appreciate all your help and happy you’ve been available to be with us this season.
— Lucas Arocho, Director of Print Production, Bloomingdales
After reviewing your files I want to inform you that you are without a doubt the best retoucher of diaper bags with really really bad textures.
— TJ Zafarana, Skip Hop
Our Exhibits, and outdoor project in Doha (Doha-Tribeca Film Festival) was a Huge success. I am grateful for your collaboration.
— Brigitte Lacombe, Photographer
Everything went very well and the client (Maybeline) was full of praise for the work. Many thanks for being a part of this year’s kick-ass team!
— Chris Weston, Manging Partner, Gotham Agency
When I’m feeling bloated she thins me out; when I’m feeling flat she adds some… And in the end, she makes sure the “model” me matches the “real” me. Ro’s more than a retoucher- she’s a digital therapist.
— Paula Patrice, (super) model
Ro’s retouching pen is faster and mightier than any fly-away hair or unsightly blemish. She can add limbs where necessary and sever them when not. She can wipe out whole buildings within seconds and color the sky blue. She’s unstoppable.
— Jade Young, Head Photographer, Spiegel
Ro’s my favorite retoucher ever. She’s reliable, personable, responsive to changes (without multiple rounds and wasting time) and all-around amazing and easy-going.
She is seemingly tireless and always delivers files that are well-organized (ie: the Queen of Photoshop layers) and files that are easy to adapt in-house when necessary. Her great sense of humor is merely an added bonus.
— -James Monroe, Design/Direction, Monroe&Co.